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Working for a Happier Planet

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We strive to be inclusive, sustainable and responsible at every step, farm to shelf.

Understanding ESG

The Brundtland Commission report, 1987 – defined Sustainability as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." The definition provided a new paradigm for businesses to measure their performance going beyond financials to include Sustainability/ESG performance. The transition from Sustainability that could mean anything from "doing well by doing good” to a narrower & focused ESG (Environment Social Governance) is about meeting social responsibility standards & going way beyond ROI (Returns on Investment) considerations. Read more…

Significance of ESG

Significance of ESG

Adopting the path of ESG has become imperative for all. As organizations prepare themselves to deal with new kinds of risks hitherto unknown, especially with rising crises in economic, environment, public health & social issues; there is an increased focus on Sustainability and ESG efforts. With the changing business landscape, companies are expected to deliver results that bring a positive impact on the environment and the society along with shareholder returns. Corporations across the globe have additional responsibility as a collective to address issues like global warming, climate change, diversity, inequity etc, and every organization is making their own efforts to address the same. Read more…

Welspun's commitment to ESG

With ESG gaining traction amongst consumers, policymakers, regulators and investors – the smooth transition from a broad rubric of Sustainability to narrower ESG is evident at Welspun India. With a committed leadership driven by innovation and strong research-led consumer focus, the company with a global footprint in home textiles is geared to meet expectations of both socially responsible investors and millennials alike with focus on ESG performance. The commitment to build strong partnerships & align with global practices on ESG is visible with efforts on the three pillars – Environment, Social & Governance. Read more…

Dipali Goenka - CEO & Managing Director Welspun Living Ltd.
I believe businesses can be a catalyst for change, and so we remain driven to propel the well-being of our environment, society and stakeholders with a strong governance bedrock.

Dipali Goenka - CEO & Managing Director Welspun Living Ltd.

Sanjay Gupta CFO Welspun Living
At Welspun, we believe in progressing together as a society, united in our efforts in safeguarding the environment and communities at large. We are on the right path in accomplishing our outlined ESG goals, to the delight of all our stakeholders.

Sanjay Gupta - CFO, Welspun Living Ltd


Welspun Living is making sustained efforts through positive action to restore ecological balance in the domains of Air, Water and Land. “Restoring Ecosystems” is the goal of all ESG efforts of the Welspun team. The theme aligns with the groups' philosophy of inclusive growth. Through this campaign we are focused on bringing a positive change in the state of the environment across the three elements – Air, Water & Land. As a global leader in home textiles with a large customer footprint, aligning with the best global practices to deliver beyond regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of our ESG efforts.

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Welspun Living Supporting Child Education


Welspun is all about harnessing the power of collective and community efforts towards unlocking constructive social change. Over the years, we have made social upliftment and progress a part of our business DNA. Our initiatives are people-centric, and also about striving to make society more eco-friendly, happier and healthier.

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Welspun remains committed to the highest standards of corporate ethics and governance. We believe that without good governance, there cannot be true progress, growth and development. We remain committed to abiding by the highest standards of quality, sustainability and community wellness. Our governance models are tailored to reinforce and maintain these beliefs to the hilt.

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Jenaben - A Superwoman with the Strongest Will

Our WSP of Khumbhariya Village has successfully inspired more than 60% of women of her village to use sanitary pads.

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Master Krupal - A Toddler Defeating All Odds

Our team was successful after 3 months of constant counselling and follow-up regarding Krupal's wellbeing.

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Shantiben - Helping Maximum Women in Conquering Menstruation Issues

Our WSP of Atlanagar village is handling menstruation management successfully by educating other women about using sanitary pads and MHM.

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SPUN: A Sustainable brand that champions Women Empowerment

SPUN by WELSPUN has been recognised as one of the Top 100 Corporate-Ready Social Enterprises. Born in the heart of Kutch, SPUN has employed over 2200 women.

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