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ESG Fact sheet

Environment   |  Social   |   Governance
We strive to be inclusive, sustainable and responsible at every step, farm to shelf.

ESG Materiality Matrix Yes
ESG Goals Yes
ESG Rating
Sustainalytics 14.8 (Low Risk)
ESG & Corporate Governance Policies Available on the website
Size of the board 7
Number and % of independent directors 4 (57%)
Number and % of women directors 2 (29%)
Separate Board Chair and MD/CEO Yes
Lead Independent Director Yes
Message from Lead Independent Director - Key Governance Updates Yes
Number of Board Meetings in a year 8 (FY 2020-21)
Board Attendance (%) 95%
Age Diversity: Average Board Age (Years) 59 Years
Age Diversity: 50-59 years 4
Age Diversity: 60-69 years 3
Age Diversity: Min-Max Range 15 years
Skill Diversity Yes
Independent Directors - Sector / Industry Experience Yes
Non-Executive & Executive Directors - ESG Experience Yes
Independent Directors - Risk Management Yes
Independent Directors - Financial Expertise Yes
Tenure Policy for independent directors Yes (as per regulatory requirement i.e. upto 2 terms of 5 years each)
Average Tenure - Board 8 years
Average Tenure - Independent Directors 6.3 years
Board Election
Non-Executive & Executive Directors - Retirement by rotation Annual Retirement by Rotation
Independent Directors As per defined term
Separate Meeting of Independent Directors Yes
Board Familiarization Program - separate session on ESG Yes
Board and Committee Charters
Board Charter Yes
Audit Committee Charter Yes
Nomination & Remuneration Committee Charter Yes
ESG & CSR Committee Charter Yes
Stakeholder Relationship Committee Charter Yes
Dedicated Committee on ESG ESG & CSR Committee
Audit Committee Independence (% Independent Directors) 100%
Independent AC Chairperson Yes
Number of Financial Experts on Audit Committee 3 (100%)
Nomination & Remuneration Committee Independence (% Independent Directors) 100%
Independent NRC Chairperson 100%
Stakeholder Grievance Oversight Stakeholder Relationship Committee
Board Remuneration
Amount of Remuneration to Executive Director - MD INR 91.15 Million
(1.2% of Net Profit)
Amount of Remuneration to Executive Director - JMD & CEO INR 101.18 Million
(1.4% of Net Profit)
Amount of Remuneration to Non-Executive Director INR 74.10 Million
(1% of Net Profit)
Amount of Remuneration to Independent Director - Sitting fees 7.54mn
CEO-to-Employee Pay Ratio 621
% increase in CEO remuneration 15%
% increase in median remuneration 1.7%
Executive Remuneration structure Fixed + Variable
Fixed Pay Yes
Performance linked incentive/ variable pay Yes
Linkage of Executive Remuneration (variable pay) to ESG Goals
Notice period - MD/ CEO & KMP 3 Months
Severance pay Nil
AGM venue
Manner of holding AGM (physical / digital medium / hybrid)
No. of months between end of fiscal year & AGM date
Shareholders AGM participation as % of total shareholder base
Access to webcast / transcript on website
AGM duration
Total time taken for shareholders engagement / Q&A
Statutory auditors attendance
Independent Directors attendance
Non Executive Directors attendance
Executive Directors attendance
Key managerial persons’ attendance
Board evaluation – annual Yes
Committee evaluation – annual Yes
Individual Director evaluation – annual Yes
Disclosure – Evaluation criteria Yes
Disclosure – Questionnaire based evaluation Yes
Disclosure – Evaluation results & action taken Yes
Use of technology for self evaluation – maintains confidentiality of responses Yes
Chief Risk Officer Yes, roles defined
Chief Information Security Officer Yes, roles defined
Chief Sustainability Officer / ESG Controller Yes, roles defined
Related party transactions Disclosed
Effective Tax Rate (%) 28.3%
R&D expenses INR 238.8 Million
Capital Expenditure on R&D INR 10.45 Million
Dividend payout ratio as per policy 25% of Consolidated PAT; subject to 40% PAT on standalone basis
Frequency of Ethics Training Employee Induction
(one-time) & Annual
Mode of Ethics Training - Annual E-learning Module
Frequency of Declaration / Acknowledgement on code of conduct & ethics Annual
Mode of Annual Declaration Digital
Number of whistle blower complaints received Nil
Whistle blower coverage - Employees Yes
Whistle blower coverage - Stakeholders (Vendors, contractors, customers, etc.) Yes
Whistle blower reporting mechanism - Email Yes
Whistle blower reporting mechanism - Helpline Yes
Whistle blower reporting mechanism - Webportal Yes
Whistle blower protection mechanism Yes