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We realize the significance of being socially responsible, not only to ourselves, but also to the communities we serve, and our stakeholders. So, we proactively and consistently engage in sustainable practices, thereby leading to sustainable development, with a strong motive of enriching the lives of people where we operate. Our consistent, high-impact Corporate Social Value - CSV initiatives are derived from our constant focus on three major areas -

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Agent of Change

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Here are the CSV initiatives that we've devoted ourselves to so far, and yearn to continue doing much more, in the future as well:



The objective behind Wel-Accelerate is to enhance the teaching & learning process for teachers & students with the use of technology. In order to enhance teaching and learning for teachers and students respectively, we've digitized government primary classrooms to make them technologically equipped. In addition to that, with our community-driven initiatives, we've also spread awareness among the neighbouring communities about the significance of education.

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Welspun Vidya Mandir School

The Welspun Vidhya Mandir CBSE School was established with the sole intention to give children, not just one, but multiple opportunities, to excel in any sphere they wish to pursue. It is dedicated to growing the intellect of students by making them socially responsible, aware, and creative.

Gayatri Devi Public School

The Gayatri Devi Public School is a state board English medium school, with classes from 1st to 10th, in Varsamedi, Anjar set up and run by the Welspun Foundation for Health and Knowledge. It was established in 2017, with highly qualified teachers on board, to provide kids from that area with high-end yet very affordable education in all realms.

Gayatri Devi Ved Vidyalaya

The Gayatri Devi Ved Vidyalaya was born out of the idea of protecting and promoting the Indian traditional Vedic culture. It follows a perfect blend of Yajurveda education and modern education; thereby, kids have been blessed with the wealth of the Gurukul system and knowledge of essential subjects, such as English, Mathematics, and Computers.


Welspun Super Sports Women Program

The Objective of our program was to identify and support female athletes in achieving their sporting endeavours. The program aims to empower potential sportswomen, especially those from challenging backgrounds. The program provides crucial support by encouraging them and improving their performance to break boundaries and mindsets. The Welspun Super Sports Women program spans across a variety of sports, such as para badminton, weight lifting, boxing, swimming, taekwondo, cycling, gymnastics, athletics, etc


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Akankshita Center

The center is an all women entrepreneur led manufacturing eco-system aimed at providing women with a sustainable means of livelihood, equitably engagement with local and global markets.


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The prime objective of Wel-Netrutva is to empower women by creating livelihood opportunities, thereby improving their health. With our focus on women empowerment, we’ve educated women in the neighbouring villages on sustainable livelihood and reproductive health, and encouraged them to opt for healthy sanitation practices by giving them access to high-end, affordable sanitary pads.


Women Entrepreneurs


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W2 : Factory run solely by Women

We strongly believe that when you empower a woman, you not only empower her but also the society and the nation at large! And being an agent of change, Welspun is bringing a disruption in the patriarchal community of rural India. W2 is a multi-operations unit run solely by 700 empowered women within our factory premises in Anjar. Right from production, maintenance to transportation & security, everything is managed by women.

Environment and Health

Welspun Model Village Program

The main objective of this program is to create a sustainable rural community that generates and maintains the resources, to improve its level of well-being and happiness, without depleting economic, social and environmental values. Our will to transform the quality of life that the people in the surrounding villages have access to, formed the basis of the Welspun Model Village program. Through this program, we enhanced the living conditions of these areas by creating essential infrastructure, comprising plantations, sanitation, and healthcare facilities.


Sanitation Blocks


RO Plants Installed


Trees Planted


Mobile Ambulance patients reached across 17 villages