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Being a Catalyst for Change

Environment, Social & Governance
We strive to be inclusive, sustainable and responsible at every step, farm to shelf.

Jenaben - A Superwoman with the Strongest Will

Our WSP of Khumbhariya Village has successfully inspired more than 60% of women of her village to use sanitary pads.

Leading the Change:

Jenaben is the Anganwadi helper of Khumbhariya village of Anjar, she believes that we are here to serve people and that work is worship. Jenaben's life is challenging and filled with difficulties that she has faced her entire life but she continues with a smile. VHL, Anjar met her during field work where Jenaben shared her story of courage and confidence with highly positive energy. Jenaben's struggle started a few years after her marriage when she lost her husband. All family responsibilities resided on her shoulders, but she didn't lose hope and fought back with courage. She started her journey with passion, a dream and a desire to do something meaningful in her life. She spent her life serving women and improving women's health issues.

Now, she is our WSP of Khumbhariya village. A Welnetrutva team member met her to discuss the project. She is taking much interest in our work and has joined us as WSP without a second thought. Every woman in the village listens to what Jenaben has to say. She counselled women to use sanitary pads after our training. According to her, more than 60% of women started using sanitary pads in her village. Profit is not her main agenda, infact, she gave free pads to many needy women and also provided pads for the sole purpose of demonstration.