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Being a Catalyst for Change

Environment, Social & Governance
We strive to be inclusive, sustainable and responsible at every step, farm to shelf.

SPUN: A Sustainable brand that champions Women Empowerment

SPUN by WELSPUN has been recognised as one of the Top 100 Corporate-Ready Social Enterprises. Born in the heart of Kutch, SPUN has employed over 2200 women.

"Three years ago, I didn't even think this kind of a life and independence was possible!" exclaimed Bharti with joy. "You see, I used to stay at home with my younger brother and sister in the village while my parents worked in their shop. It was my cousin who told me about SPUN and now look at me, I’m earning enough to support myself. I am not just sitting at home looking after my younger brother and sister. I meet people, create designs and weave cloth that is sent to various parts of the globe. I feel so empowered now. I feel truly atmanirbhar."

In 2001, when a severe earthquake devastated Bhuj in Gujarat leaving a trail of devastation and death, Welspun stepped in and created SPUN. The letters in its name stand for Sustainability, Passion, Understanding and Nurturing. SPUN's mission was to provide a means of earning and livelihood to the women who were severely impacted by the earthquake. It continues its mission even today.

SPUN's well-thought out initiative empowered the women in the rural communities of Bhuj. It gave them a chance to step beyond their homes and earn in a place that is accepted by their community because of the safety and care it provides.

Working at SPUN the women found an opportunity to increase their family incomes by 3x and its inclusive environment provided them with the confidence they lacked. Many young girls like Bharti also started joining SPUN and contributing to their family income. From being a simple CSR initiative, SPUN has become much more - its ideology has always been about creating sustainability and building resilience.

The scraps and patches of cloth leftover from designs or cut out to trim the edges, generate up to 187 tons of waste in Welspun's textile manufacturing units. At the SPUN centres, the women are trained to upcycle this waste, convert the scraps and trims into distinct products like cushions, rugs, gift accessories, bedding and quilts. Looking at their classic and contemporary designs inspired by global art form, no one can guess that their origins lie in scrap. These intricately woven products are available globally on websites like Etsy.

The idea of sustainability is embedded in every sphere of Welspun's operations as the company strives to become a global leader in the ESG framework. Welspun has established 8 SPUN centres across Kutch, with more than 2200 trained women. Through consistent efforts, this initiative has impacted the lives of 8860 people across the region.

Speaking about SPUN, Ms. Dipali Goenka, Jt MD & CEO, Welspun India Ltd said, "At Welspun, we have imbibed a robust ESG framework that cuts across brands and functions, for a sustainable tomorrow. Weaving sustainability in the entire value chain, we are revolutionizing the Indian home textiles market with innovative and differentiated offerings. In line with this, we have relaunched our traditional-art inspired brand, SPUN. It manufactures products by upcycling textile waste and using natural fibres. The brand will not only aid our expansion in domestic markets but also further our efforts in ensuring women empowerment by employing 2200 women across 8 centres and bringing alive their exceptional stories."