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Master Krupal - A Toddler Defeating All Odds

Our team was successful after 3 months of constant counselling and follow-up regarding Krupal's wellbeing.

Story of Krupal:

This is the story of Master Krupal, a 2 yr old beneficiary from Village Paria in Vapi. He comes from a BPL family of 3 siblings who are natives of the same village.

One of our Village facilitators visited his house as part of our routine door to door screening activity. After a meeting with Krupal's mother, it came to light that Krupal falls under the category of malnourished children. During the line-listing, Krupal's weight, and height were 8 kg, 75 cm respectively and his Z score was -3SD (Moderate acute malnutrition). The village facilitator did a regular follow-up and counselled Krupal's parents to reach out to the nearest primary health facility. She also sensitized his parents to the fact that some dietary modifications were required for better and improved growth of Krupal. She also stressed on the importance of hygiene and a healthy diet which needs to go hand in hand for the betterment of their child.