5 Reasons Why Hotels Prefer Sustainable Linen Products


Hotels are choosing Sustainable fabrics over traditional options

Your choice of bedding reflects your personality and sense of style. Hoteliers aim at providing a posh experience to their customers. Linen indeed is the styling statement when it comes to hotel interiors. All-encompassing parameters like cleanliness and environment-friendly options, sustainable bath linen products, and bedding make linen the top priority for hotels and guest houses alike. 

Linen is a biodegradable fabric made of fibers from flax plants, which are robust, resistant to moths, and easy to maintain. Hence, linens will never go out of style. Welspun-textile company in india is one of the leading suppliers of hotel linen suppliers and bath linen products for hotels in India. The company's product range includes duvets, bed sheets brands in india, bathroom fabrics, bath & hand towels and more all of which are made from the finest materials and boast of a polished design that is perfect for a comfortable stay away from home.

Appealing and Stylish

The aesthetic aspect of linen is a significant feature why hoteliers' choose it over other fabrics. Linen is also a practical option because it doesn’t need ironing. With natural wrinkles and neutral colors, this fabric is renowned for giving off the appearance of luxury bedding. Stains can be removed without much effort. As linen also softens with usage over time, it is highly preferred in hospitality industry as a cost effective option in the long run. 

Easy Maintenance

Linen is a plush fabric that requires very little care. With other fabrics, there are vital factors to consider, like cleaning, washing, and drying, to maximize longevity, shrinkage and other damage issues as part of their care. The fact that linen doesn’t needs ironing, its natural folds is one of the key reasons why most people have liked linen in apparel as well. 

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

With growing awareness of climate change worldwide, many businesses are motivated to choose sustainable products - their loyal customers may also demand it. It is made from the flax plant and can flourish in subpar environments with less water and no fertilizer farming. Compared to the production of cotton and its water requirement, linen production is far more ecologically friendly.

Associated Health Benefits

Linen is an organic produce with antibacterial, moisture-wicking, and mildew-resistant qualities especially for sensitive skin. It can saturate with moisture up to 20% of its weight. Because of this, it is a good option for those people with allergies and skin issues. The anti-static quality of linens retains the skin’s pH balance.

Longevity and Durability 

Linen fabric can withstand the test of time drawing strength from the flax fibers stitched inside. It might survive for a decade or longer with the right washing care. The softness of linen tends to improve the quality of sleep. Hotels have hence used sustainable bath linen products in neutral colors. Additionally, it lends hotel rooms a surreal aesthetic appearance.