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Between the sheets of India's favourite fabric-Cotton


Elevate Your Comfort: Unveiling the Best Cotton Bed Sheet Brands in India with Welspun Living

The fabric cotton indeed has a special spot and relationship with each Indian. 

Cotton can be found in every Indian household as the go-to fabric, from daily wear, home essentials to home décor. The best brand for bed sheets in India focuses majorly on cotton bedding all thanks to its sophisticated qualities. 

India holds 7% of the total global home textile trade. The home textile industry in India, encompassing bed linen, has experienced significant growth year by year with notable improvements in quality, innovation, design, & pricing. Today, brands in India such as Welspun Living are among the leading exporters of bed linens & other home textiles to popular international markets such as The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and UAE, to name a few.

In 2021, the global home bedding industry was evaluated at 87.05 billion USD. By the year 2023-2026, India’s home textile industry is forecasted to expand to a compound annual growth rate of 8%. Such a boom in the home textile industry arises out of rising demand for household products, increased income, fashion sensitivity, consumer awareness, increase in organized retail, new trends in interiors & décor and growth in parallel sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, housing, furnishings etc. 

From home textiles to bedding to decor, the purpose of the fabric depends on its quality, material, and design, and here’s where cotton comes into play. Cotton is a major player in the Indian Economy itself. The textile industry in India is cotton-dominated, with 24% of the world's cotton production acquired by India. Needless to say, leading bed sheet brands in India such as Welspun Living bring the finest of cotton products to the global level. Welspun Living bed sheets have made the grade with excellence in design and fabrics along with other bath & bedding solutions such as pillow covers, best towel brands in India, robes, and carpets.

Being India’s most preferred fabric, at Welspun Living, we are constantly innovating with cotton. One such fine example is our patented HYGROCOTTON. Hygro Cotton by Welspun is a crafted spinning technology that make our bed & bath linens softer and cozier after every wash. Our hygro cotton bed sheets are 100% breathable with the revolutionary hollow core pattern, keeping moisture away. These bedding solutions are also temperature adaptable, keeping you cool in summers and warm during those winter nights. 

Welspun Living in association with the WelKrishi initiative has backed the Better Cotton Initiative; a non-profit program ensuring sustainable fabrics like cotton farming methods and prosperity of farmers. Additionally, This initiative is also future-forward as it supports the Non-GMO organic cotton drive. The Better Cotton Initiative with Welspun Living promotes sustainability in cotton farming, preserving our natural resources, as well as educating & supporting farmers on sustainable farming practices and techniques, ultimately polishing their skills and providing livelihood opportunities. 

With creative & sustainability at our core, Welspun Living has a natural ecosystem with cotton products which is to only bound to grow further, empowering us with a better tomorrow.