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Welspun Living's Manthan Program Fosters Inclusive Innovation


How Manthan Program drives inclusive innovation at Welspun Living

Welspun India Limited, a global leader in the home textile industry, launched the Manthan program in 2021 to foster an innovative work culture across the organization.

The program encourages the staff and blue-collar associates of the company to contribute their ideas and get rewarded for their innovative thinking. It showcases the culture at Welspun, which values every idea and every individual, regardless of their position in the company making it an inclusive process.

Program Encourages Employee Ideas and Drives Cost Savings

The cultural pillars of Welspun, encapsulated by LITE, embody the company's core values and principles of Learning, Innovation, Trust, and Endurance.

The Manthan program aligns seamlessly with LITE, showcasing Welspun's commitment to innovation and driving positive change within the organization.

  • This inclusive program is designed to ensure that all employees, including blue-collar associates, feel empowered to contribute their ideas.
  • To ensure fairness and objectivity, all ideas submitted are reviewed using a standard process by the Innovation Review Committee. This ensures that there is no bias and that each one is evaluated based solely on its merit.
  • Every implemented project is rewarded with a monetary prize, which is a share of the net cost benefit accrued. We ensure that employees feel valued and motivated to continue contributing to their innovation.
  • The CEO and Business Head also play a crucial role in fostering a culture of innovation by evangelizing the cause in meetings, town halls, and discussions. This commitment ensures that innovation remains a business priority and that there is a "walk the talk" mentality when it comes to promoting new initiatives.
  • All initiatives are implemented by cross-functional teams, which fosters a culture of collaboration across diverse teams. The Manthan program encourages collaboration as a value, recognizing that it takes everyone to come together for a common purpose to resolve business problems.

The Future Development Trend of Non-Woven Needle Punch Fabric

Welspun India has introduced new innovations that cater to the ever-evolving and highly demanding nonwoven market. These latest innovations have been designed to offer producers greater flexibility to enter niche markets and meet unique customer demands, or to improve existing production processes and optimize production lines by integrating latest technology.

Participants and activities of the Welspun Manthan Program

Quantifying the Impact of Welspun's Inclusive Innovation Program

  • Welspun India Limited's "Manthan" program, launched in June 2021, aims to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the organization.
  • To date, the program has received over 800 ideas, with 34 of those ideas implemented, resulting in cost savings of nearly 25 cr.
  • The program's "Innovation Manthan Champions" receive a cash reward prize based on net cost savings over an eight-month period, encouraging associates of all levels to participate and contribute their ideas.

Some of Our Manthan Innovation Ideas

As part of the Manthan program, Welspun Champion devised a groundbreaking solution that tackled the challenges of improving quality, automation, digitalization, energy conservation, and sustainable practices through ESG initiatives. These efforts not only contribute to environmental and social responsibility but also drive improvements in individual productivity.

Distributing gifts of the Welspun Manthan Program

Manthan Program Revolutionalise Textile Industry with Inclusivity

Welspun India's Manthan program is an impressive example of how an inclusive innovation culture can lead to significant benefits for a company. By encouraging participation from all employees, regardless of their position, and rewarding successful ideas, Welspun the textile industry in India has created a culture where creativity and problem-solving are valued and celebrated.

The program has already yielded impressive results, and it will be exciting to see how Welspun India, a leading producer of sustainable fabrics continues to innovate and grow through the Manthan program in the future.

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