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Artisanally designed textiles created to empower and give back to the community


Spunlace Fabrics is empowering women and local communities

When you think of Indian textiles, you think of deep, rich hues and indigo blues. You think of patterned and textured fabrics, fine cottons, flowing mulmuls, shining zardozi, gota work, and traditional block-printing. These handwoven,handcrafted textiles are like tapestries telling the stories of India’s rich cultural legacy. Woven into these fabrics and designs, you’ll also find the grit, perseverance, and discipline practiced by our artisans and craftspeople.

The Story of SPUN

It was to bring out stories of this grit and reward this perseverance with due recognition, that Spun by Welspun was born. When the 2001 Bhuj earthquake took away their livelihoods from many families in Bhuj, Kutch (Gujarat), the future looked bleak. This is when Welspun India Ltd., partnered with local craftswomen to help them weave a sustainable future for themselves and their families.

The fine quality and beautiful craftsmanship of textile industry in india made these commodities much sought after for centuries. It is this legacy that SPUN by Welspun aims to protect and cherish. Focusing on sustainable fabrics, and textile development, spunlace fabric craftswomen create beautiful textiles and home decor pieces that are not just art, but a reflection of life.

How SPUN is empowering women and local communities

Recognized as one of the Top 100 Corporate-Ready Social Enterprises by the World Economic Forum, SPUN is an initiative geared towards empowering local communities and giving back to the world. Up till now, SPUN has established 14 centers in 10 villages and trained over 2500 women in hand-weaving, embroidery and stitching to produce retail-ready products like rugs, beddings, table linen and cushions. This has impacted the lives of nearly 8860 people across the region and has seen them earning more than Rs. 27 million collectively. These women entrepreneurs are able to spin new dreams, hopes, and aspirations for themselves and their families as a part of SPUN.

The enterprise’s commitment to reviving our ancient cultural heritage and indigenous systems is apparent in every aspect of its operations. SPUN has managed to empower communities, educate them and create sustainable business practices simultaneously. SPUN artisans use timeless traditional handcrafting and weaving methods. They create products using the local handloom, traditional Lippan art, Dhokra art, crochet, block-printing, embroidery, clamp dyeing, ombre dyeing, and more.

SPUN’s focus on sustainability for the future

SPUN artisans recycle and upcycle fabric scraps into stunning pieces of home decor and handicrafts. Every piece of decor, every swathe of fabric, and every hand that creates it has a story to tell. The women of SPUN seem to bring these stories to life with their hands and their hearts. An ode to indigenous crafts and Indian cultural legacy, SPUN is a social enterprise done the Welspun way. 

With a focus on creating impact, this collaboration marries sustainability and innovation. As the women of SPUN create beauty with their hands and their hearts, we see a new story unfolding. Their resilience and strength are reflected in each unique handmade textile and decor piece. 

The SPUN story is rooted in tradition with handcrafted products that follow contemporary design styles and aim to build a sustainable future.

You can see the local embroideries of Kutch brought to light and life at www.spaces.in.