Welspun Living Inititavies in Envoirment Social & Governance

How Welspun Living empowers its local communities


Discovering Welspun Living's eco-friendly innovations

It is a well-documented fact that companies have a responsibility that goes beyond earning profits. These responsibilities manifest in the form of giving back to communities that uphold these companies and enable their operations. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes beyond superficial efforts and optics. Companies that demonstrate real-world commitment to initiating change for the better are the ones that earn genuine respect within their industries and the communities they empower. Welspun Living is one such organisation, recognised for its groundbreaking CSR initiatives and efforts towards local community empowerment.

WelShiksha and SPUN are among Welspun Living’s most recognised initiatives to empower local communities. These initiatives have played an important role in enabling communities of women and impoverished children to gain access to financial opportunities and education and to demonstrate their talent at a global level. Welspun Living actively works to integrate social initiatives into its daily operations.

The WelShiksha Program: Education for the Marginalised 

Education is the cornerstone of a thriving community. Recognising this, Welspun Living launched the WelShiksha initiative. This program focuses on digitally transforming government primary schools in rural areas. WelShiksha equips classrooms with interactive whiteboards, computers, and educational software, creating a more engaging learning environment.

The initiative doesn't stop at technology. WelShiksha also provides teacher training workshops, fostering the use of these new tools for effective instruction. This holistic approach ensures teachers are empowered to deliver a curriculum that ignites a passion for learning in their students. By bridging the digital divide and making education more interactive, WelShiksha equips students with the skills they need to succeed in the modern world. Welspun Living is also facilitating government schools on Science Education and extending support to Para-Teachers with pre-vocational education and career counselling through the WelShikha program.

The SPUN Collection: Empowering Women from Indigenous Communities

Welspun Living's commitment to empowering communities extends beyond the classroom walls. The SPUN initiative, recognised as one of the Top 100 Corporate-Ready Social Enterprises by the World Economic Forum, focuses on uplifting women from rural villages.

SPUN establishes training centres where women learn traditional handloom techniques like weaving, embroidery, and stitching. These skills empower them to create beautiful and eco-friendly homeware products, such as rugs, bedding, and table linens. SPUN doesn't just equip women with skills; it also provides them with a sustainable livelihood. The program facilitates market access for their creations, ensuring financial independence and a sense of accomplishment. SPUN has trained over 2500 women, impacting nearly 8860 people and generating a collective income exceeding Rs. 27 million.

Wel-Netrutva: Placing the Spotlight on Women Farmers

Welspun Living initiated the Wel-Netrutva program for women farmers in India. Acknowledging the fact that women farmers represent around 46% of the workforce in the Indian agriculture industry. The Wel-Netrutva program is designed to counsel these women by helping them find lucrative opportunities and arming them with the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship. Welspun Living also organises regular community health camps and enables mobile medical units for remote villages through this program. 

The Wel-Netrutva program has empowered 1,350 women entrepreneurs across 90+ villages and impacted 70,000 people successfully.

The Wel-Swasthya Program Protects Malnourished and Anemic Women

Among Welspun Living’s most noble initiatives is the Wel-Swasthya program, which caters to women who suffer from cases of malnutrition and anemia. The program raises awareness among these women about the health issues they face and provides handholding and facilitation to help them address these issues and change their food habits. The organisers of the Wel-Swasthya program actively monitor women facing these issues and provide constant counsel to help them improve their eating habits.

Welspun Super Sports Women: Championing Inclusion on the Playing Field

Breaking down barriers and fostering inclusivity are at the heart of Welspun Living's social responsibility efforts. The Welspun Super Sports Women program tackles gender stereotypes in sports by providing professional training and mentorship to young women from underprivileged backgrounds. Among the talented women who have found opportunities through the WSSW initiative are Manasi Joshi, Palak Kohli and Parul Parmar who found careers as accomplished para-badminton players.

This initiative goes beyond physical training. It offers guidance on nutrition, mental conditioning, and career opportunities in sports. By nurturing talent and fostering self-belief, Welspun Super Sports Women empowers young women to chase their athletic dreams and challenge societal norms.

Welspun Living's Contributions to the Better Cotton Initiative

As a textile manufacturing company, Welspun Living understands that a healthy community thrives in a healthy environment. The company actively contributes to the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a global organisation promoting sustainable cotton farming practices.

Through the BCI, Welspun Living trains its network of farmers in organic cotton cultivation techniques. This not only reduces the environmental impact of cotton production but also improves soil health and water conservation. Organic cotton farming empowers farmers with knowledge and tools for long-term agricultural sustainability, securing their livelihoods for generations to come. Through its participation in the Better Cotton Initiative, Welspun Living stands as a shining example for sustainable clothing brands.

Welspun Living's community initiatives are a shining example of how to empower communities and integrate social responsibility into corporate values. By investing in education, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering inclusivity, Welspun Living is weaving a brighter future for the communities it touches.