Welspun Living Inititavies in Envoirment Social & Governance

Welspun Living's Commitment to Sustainability and Social Responsibility


Welspun Living: Leading the Path in Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Welspun India, the leading textile company takes pride in its close collaboration on social and environmental issues with underserved communities, aiming to bring about positive change and enhance their quality of life. 

The company believes in a more inclusive and synergistic approach that fosters a strong connection between society and business. 

With local communities as their most important stakeholders, Welspun India is committed to creating stable and sustainable futures for them.

Holistic Development Approach

Welspun India goes beyond addressing surface-level social issues. Instead, we adopt a holistic development approach for environmental and social awareness that also focuses on sustainable social value creation, reaching far beyond superficial solutions. 

This approach is governed by a well-structured Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy overseen by the ESG & CSR committee of the Board.

Moving Beyond CSR to Corporate Social Value (CSV)

Welspun's commitment to society is more than simply fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility duties. We strive to create Corporate Social Value by embracing a multi-pronged strategy that extends beyond the core pillars of sustainable development. 

This approach aims to holistically uplift communities through three main factors 

  • Enhancing education
  • Empowering people
  • Better healthcare access & environmental protection

Understanding the significance of social responsibility, Welspun India actively engages in ESG practices, which include being a pioneer in renewable energy use in the textile industry. We also lead to long-term development in the communities we serve. 

  1. Nurturing Minds for a Better Tomorrow: Education
  • The company’s approach to education emphasizes a holistic learning experience for children in their beneficiary schools. 
  • The company's Foundation philosophy aims to provide every child with a sense of identity, meaning, and purpose through education. 
  • We started Wel-Shiksha with a focus on education. It aims to bring about a revolution in education by using technology to improve teaching and learning outcomes for teachers and students.
  1. Uplifting Women and Society: Empowerment
  • Empowering women is a core focus of their social initiatives. The company actively enables women to create alternative livelihoods and improve their earning capacities. 
  • This project aims to support and empower female athletes who come from difficult backgrounds. 
  • It helps them achieve their sports goals and become future ambassadors for positive change.
  1. A Wealth of Well-being: Health
  • In underserved rural communities, access to healthcare is often limited. Welspun India recognizes the adage "Health is wealth" as a reality for such communities. 
  • Through expert health advice and proper medical assistance, the company aims to positively impact rural households and significantly improve their lives. 
  • Moreover, we understand that to truly uplift the lives of these communities, addressing environmental concerns is also crucial.

Welspun India Empowering Communities for a Sustainable and Prosperous Future

By creating Corporate Social Value through its multi-pronged approach, focusing on education, empowerment, and healthcare, one of the leading towel manufacturers in India strives to foster sustainable development and enrich the lives of the people we serve. 

Their efforts not only improve the present but also contribute to building a better and more prosperous future for all. Welspun India ensures that their social interventions create a positive ripple effect, promoting responsible resource management and minimizing waste for a more environmentally conscious and resilient future.