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The ultimate guide to choosing living room floor tiles


Revitalize Your Space with Welspun Living's Living Room Floor Tiles

The living room is the heart and soul of our home, where our daily life unfolds. It’s where we create most of our memories and spend heartwarming moments with our loved ones. As such, it is also the most important room in the house. Therefore, choosing the right set of living room floor tiles is not just a matter of aesthetics but also of identity, comfort, and way of life. It's about finding a material that complements your lifestyle and enhances the ambiance of the house.

Consider durable floor tiles for the living room

Most of our time spent in the house is in the living room, and access to other parts of the house is also through it. This makes it a high-traffic zone by default. It becomes imperative then, that you consider durable materials like porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain boasts exceptional strength and stain resistance, making it ideal for families with pets or children. Ceramic, while slightly less resilient, offers a wider range of colours and patterns, providing greater design flexibility. The average lifespan of floor tiles is 15-20 years, making them a long-term investment. However, you’re compromising on certain aspects if you go for either material and comfort may not meet all requirements. It also depends on how many people will be living in your home and how occupied your living room usually is. So choose wisely and go for quality.

The Welspun Click n Lock series incorporates Wel-Lock technology, guaranteeing a smooth interlocking mechanism at the joints, thereby ensuring a secure installation of the tiles within their designated slots. The installation process is simple and hassle-free and can be completed as a layer above your existing tiles, avoiding a delayed process. These interlocking tiles feature an extremely durable SPC core which is designed to last decades without signs of wear. The grout-free installation process ensures your flooring remains germ-free throughout the years. Welspun offers an extensive selection of designs and materials across its click-n-lock range, which delivers the best of both worlds. These tiles feature qualities from both porcelain and ceramic tiles in addition to durability and ease of installation.

Comfort is an important factor too

Beyond durability, consider the impact of the material on your living experience and general comfort. Stone tiles may look elegant and provide a feeling of groundedness. However, their cold temperatures do not make for a good experience in cold weather or barefoot moments. Wooden tiles, on the other hand, provide warmth and the visual feeling of timber and aren’t high on maintenance. If footstep noise is a concern, then cork tiles could be considered your best bet due to their noise suppression qualities. 

Welspun offers a wide range of flooring options that aren’t just durable but perfectly comfortable, enhanced for walkability and ease of use. From their carpet tiles range to greens, Welspun’s versatile offerings deliver supreme comfort for users of all types of footwear.

Modern floor tiles in living rooms are stylish and practical

The living room is the largest space in most houses. It makes sense to go for a spacious, airy aesthetic. Large format tiles in neutral tones like grey or white make for a modern, minimalist vibe and give the living room that sense of spaciousness. For those looking for a more rustic charm, smaller terracotta tiles or reclaimed wood-look options are better options. If you’re looking for a flair of drama and artistry, patterned or mosaic tiles make a bold statement. At the end of the day, you’ll need to remember that the style and vibe your floor exudes should complement the furnishing, not compete against it.

Scale plays a huge role in the general aesthetic and feel. Large tiles can make a small living room feel expansive, while smaller tiles can add visual interest and coziness to a larger space. Visualize the layout with different approaches and go for the one you deem best. It’s your very own canvas. 

Welspun Flooring’s Click n Lock range of floor tiles is a revolutionary step ahead. These tiles offer the durability of granite or marble tiles with the stylish appearance of wood or stone tiles, offering the best of both worlds. Alternatively, Welspun’s Carpet Flooring range is designed to deliver modern, minimalist aesthetics with expressive colors and patterns to design your space the way you want.

Considerations for a peaceful lifestyle

At the end of it all, we come to function, which is just as important as the rest of the factors. Peace of mind should be non-negotiable when it comes to the home’s living room experience. For instance, the largest floor in the house should not be a challenge to clean and maintain. Consider smooth, glazed surfaces for effortless stain removal. Non-slip flooring solutions are also a must, especially in households with children or elderly people. Textured finishes can offer better traction, but may require more thorough cleaning. Welspun’s interlocking click-n-lock range of tiles delivers not just its non-slip features with high traction but also on maintenance, with seamless durability and germ-free properties. You won’t have to clean these too often.

Think about the impact of acoustics on your living experience. Hard-surface tiles can amplify noise, while softer materials like cork or carpet tiles can absorb sound, creating a more peaceful atmosphere. If you have an open floor plan, consider using different tile types to define different zones within the space, both visually and acoustically. 

Investing in your living room is akin to investing in your well-being. Therefore, choosing the best floor tile designs for the living room is a must! By considering factors like durability, aesthetics, functionality, and acoustics, you can create a space that is both beautiful and practical, a foundation for countless moments of joy and connection. Your living room floor is a canvas. The tiles you choose are not only an extension of your identity but also the foundation of your daily life.

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