Welspun Living Inititavies in Envoirment Social & Governance

The Importance of Education & the Need for Innovation


Developing teacher capacity through specialized training programs and workshops

Education is the backbone of any nation's progress and development; the foundation upon which the future of a country is built. In India, where a large portion of the population is still battling illiteracy, the importance of education cannot be overstated. However, as the world progresses at a rapid pace, it is essential that the education system in India also keeps up with the times. This is where the need for innovation in education comes into play.

Wel-Shiksha Program: Welspun's Initiative for Improving Education

Welspun, a leading textile manufacturer in India, has always been cognizant of the significance of being socially responsible to the communities they serve. Understanding that as a corporate entity, we have a responsibility towards society and the environment that goes beyond just the bottom line. This is why our consistent, high-impact Corporate Social Value initiatives are derived from a constant focus on three major areas: Education, Empowerment, Environment and Health. Welspun's emphasis on education is reflected in its Wel-Shiksha initiative that aims to improve access to quality education for children. 

Welspun Vidya Mandir School

The Welspun Vidhya Mandir CBSE School is a premier educational institution founded with the purpose of providing students with a wide range of opportunities to excel in their chosen fields. The school is dedicated to fostering the intellectual growth of its students by instilling in them a sense of social responsibility, awareness, and creativity. Through a well-rounded education that combines academic excellence with extracurricular activities, the school aims to prepare its students for success in all aspects of life. 

Gayatri Devi Public School

The Welspun Gayatri Devi School is an English medium institution, where we offer state board education from 1st to 10th grade. Established in 2017 by the Welspun Foundation for Health and Knowledge, this school aims to provide quality education at an affordable price for students in the Varsamedi and Anjar areas. With a team of highly qualified teachers, the school seeks to not just impart knowledge but also develop well-rounded, socially responsible, and creative individuals.

Gayatri Devi Ved Vidyalayaa

This unique educational institution was established with the goal of preserving and promoting the ancient Indian Vedic culture. Here we follow a blend of Yajurveda education and modern education, providing students with the benefits of the traditional Gurukul system while also equipping them with the knowledge of various subjects like English, Mathematics, and Computers. This innovative approach to education ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in the modern world while also instilling in them a deep appreciation and understanding of India's rich cultural heritage. 

Role of Technology in Improving Teaching and Learning Outcomes

With Wel-Shiksha, Welspun India is committed to digitizing government primary classrooms, providing students and teachers with access to the latest technologies, such as interactive white boards and digital educational content. This not only improves the quality of education but also helps to make the learning process more engaging and interactive.

This educational, community-driven initiative by Welspun India has helped to spread awareness among neighboring communities about the unparalleled significance of education. They have set up libraries and computer centers, providing students and teachers with access to the resources they need to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. 

Potential of the Wel-Shiksha Program to Bring an Educational Transformation in Govt Schools

The Wel-Shiksha program has the potential to bring about an educational transformation in government schools. We aim to enhance the teaching and learning outcomes of teachers and students through the use of technology, which is designed to address some of the key challenges facing government schools today.

Designed to be inclusive and comprehensive, we are extending its reach to include para-teachers who assist in reducing the student-teacher ratio and addressing the unmet education needs of the community. The program also includes services such as career counseling for higher secondary students to guide them in making informed choices about their future careers, as well as learning enhancement initiatives for younger students in the primary grades (classes 3 to 5).

Results and Impact 

Welspun has made a significant impact on the education system through its Wel-Shiksha program. With 495+ classroom installations and 1100+ teachers trained, the program has reached a vast number of students, positively impacting the lives of 80000+ students.

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