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Sustainability by Welspun textile industry in India

Sustainability; is a trending and upcoming word in every industry. In today’s technology empowered, fast paced world, everyone wishes to go ‘sustainable’ after having learnt about consumerism and its side effects. Fast fashion, a big part of such consumerism, is also attracting notable eyeballs and impressions giving rise to sustainability in the textile industry as well. Naturally, sustainability in the textile industry is no longer just a change, it is an initiative, it is a benchmark of revolution, and a new movement further transforming the fashion industry and our choices as well. 

From big celebrities, to top influencers, to even the average consumer and millennials of today are making the switch to different types of sustainable textiles. Choosing to shop eco-conscious yet stylish, consumers are selective of brands sharing the same empowered vision of a happier, green environment as them. 
Why wouldn’t they? The innovation in sustainable textiles is indeed profound. India being on the forefront has such creative sustainable textiles; natural cotton, hemp, bamboo, silk cotton fibre, banana fibre! Undoubtedly, the entire game of the sustainable textile sector is changing with efficiency at each step. 

At Welspun India, we have integrated sustainable practices throughout our value chain; from sourcing materials to manufacturing & distribution. Welspun’s home textile manufacturers in india sustainable farming project, ‘Wel-krishi’ is an initiative launched to produce good quality cotton as well as empower our farmers & farming practices. This project has a mission to promote a vibrant and progressive rural farming community by instilling pride and confidence through partnership of trust and respect among all stakeholders. 
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More about sustainable farming practices @ Welspun 

In every village, there are 30-35 farmers which have formed a learning group led by a team of about 65 experts. Such learning groups are assisted across seasons in adopting & integrating healthy practices such as pest management, crop nutrient management, as well as efficiency in water usage & boosting biodiversity. In addition, farmers are also being assisted in producing homemade organic botanicals to replace chemical pesticides. As an effort to reduce GHG emissions & use renewable sources of energy, project farmers are working towards carbon sequestration in the soil. The ‘Wel-krishi’ initiative is working with 16,000 farmers with a total land of 1.5 Lakh acres in 3 different states and optimistically, it is our target to reach 50,000 farmers under this project by the year 2030. 

Energy and beyond

Speaking about energy conservation in sustainable textile manufacturing, Welspun India reduces its carbon footprint by including energy conservation efforts like optimizing HVAC use, implementing VFD’s in our operational plants, and using energy-efficient devices. As a result, we have saved 55,000+ T CO2 emissions. Our supply chain initiatives have further helped reduce GHG emissions by incorporating sustainable modes of transportation. 

At Welspun India, it is one of our missions to make our planet greener. A fine example of which is the region of Anjar. Welspun India has planted over 300,000 plants of over 300 varieties in Anjar, Gujarat. Tree plantation has helped in improving biodiversity and increasing the population of local birds, animal species, and even migratory birds!

Water is the essence life on earth. To improve sustainability in the textile industry, Welspun India recycles over 7 billion litres of water annually. Additionally, we have rainwater harvesting lagoons set up in Anjar which aids us in collecting and utilizing rainwater in all our operations. 
We also carry out Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of our products. The LCA study helps us to understand the environmental impacts, through the life cycle of our products which aids us in developing better products and sustainable textiles. 

Welspun India leading sustainability all the way: 

Earlier this year, Welspun India received 1st rank under ‘Best Industry’ category at the National Water Awards by the Union Ministry of Jal Shakti for its water stewardship and state-of-the-art 30 million litres per day sewage treatment plant (STP) at Anjar in the drought-prone Kutch district. The company was also recognized with a Jury Special Mention Award for its STP to recycle and reuse domestic sewage at the Frost & Sullivan and TERI’s Sustainability 4.0 Awards 2021, which honoured companies embedding Sustainability with Economic Value Creation.

In December 2021, for its maiden ranking on the DJSI, Welspun India’s ESG Score stands at 48, which is over 62% higher than the average industry score. In May 2022, the company also received industry-leading scores in CRISIL’s Sustainability Yearbook 2022. These scores are highest within textiles sector and across each individual dimension – Environment, Social, and Governance. 

Sharp focus on product innovation, customer centricity, non woven manufacturer in india inclusive growth and resource efficiency has led to Welspun India’s high ranking into the prestigious sustainability indices. This reaffirms the company’s strategic efforts to integrate ESG drivers and a circular approach in all aspects of its day-to-day operations.